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GP Synergy - The largest GP Training Provider

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

This article announces that GP Synergy was to take all the contracts for the whole of NSW. As Chair during the time leading up to the announcement of the tender and the announcement that GP Synergy would continue, it was a very proud moment for the organisation. This was the culmination of a strategy that was followed for more than 10 years. We realised that small training providers were not likely to survive in the long run.

Despite the usual skeptics, we had two other voluntary mergers in the past, we got down to the job of amalgamating very different cultures and divergent administration.

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While no-one is ever entirely happy, internal and external surveys, have shown high levels of satisfaction. As one senior member of another State regional training provider stated, "You [GP Synergy] must succeed." The reason why this was said is that GPs we should not presume that the apprenticeship model of GP training will survive.

With the return of the program to the RACGP in the next year, as a profession, we cannot repeat the failure of the Family Medicine Program. As President, with the experience of being the Chairman of GP Synergy, will do all that I can to continue to work towards a GP Training program that produces high quality GPs and gives supervisors high levels of satisfaction.

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